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Dear Colleagues,

Student Archaeological Scientific Circle of Wroclaw University (SKNA UWr) would like to invite You to the second Student Scientific Conference from the series “Experimental archaeology, historical reconstruction – research methods II“, which will take place in Wroclaw (Poland) on 15th – 18th May 2008.

The purpose of the conference is to present the results of the studies connected with the experimental archaeology and historical reconstruction as well as discuss their meaning in researching the prehistoric societies.

Last year’s conference edition has met the interest of many speakers as well as the listeners and the thematic variety of presented papers caused wide discussions. Based on the opinions of the participants we reached the conclusion that the subject is worth continuation.

The conference is scheduled to last four days, as it was last year. The lectures will take place in the building of the Institute of Archaeology and during the last two days they will be linked with the Medieval Market in the reconstructed medieval town in the Partynice district where the discussions will be extended with an old craft exhibition, with the particular consideration of handicraft techniques.

We address the invitation especially to students, research workers and craftsmen interested in historical reconstruction and all the people engaged in popularization of archaeology.

Please send your applications until the 15th of April. The abstracts, according to the enclosured example, should be mailed to kaska@archeolodzy.org. Essay should be in Czech, English or German. Guests willing to attend as the free listeners are also welcomed.

The attendance to the conference is free.

Please check the conference website http://konferencja.archeolodzy.org where we regularly post the information.

In case of any questions or problems please write on kaska@archeolodzy.org or max@archeolodzy.org.

See you in Wroclaw!

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